• can't wait to order again

    Written By: Ronald Cooper
    10:48:53 17:12:2018

    I received my shoes and they fit fine. I loved them and can't wait to order again. thank you

  • Numerous Compliments

    Written By: Richard Harris
    09:39:00 17:12:2018

    I received the shoes. They were in excellent condition. I have received numerous compliments.

  • I’m delighted with the product

    Written By: Terry Elmsly
    17:03:35 28:09:2018

    Hello Team Just a big Thank you ! . My shoes finally arrived in to the Hawkes Bay on the coast of New Zealand today . Despite the very protracted time it’s taken to get them , I’m delighted with the product and will now be regularly purchasing my shoes from you. I’m also going to purchase a new Brief case from TucciPolo. So once again a big thank you from a happy client. Kind Regards Terry Elmsly Managing Director Euro City New Zealand

  • Great shoes

    Written By: Chris K
    10:14:38 28:09:2018

    The order process worked well, my delivery was as scheduled. Upon receipt I was very pleased with the quality and fit. An excellent experience overall

  • The Prettiest shoes ever

    Written By: Chevy Chevere
    14:20:48 05:09:2018

    During my last trip to Puerto Rico, I was going through TSA check point. The x-ray TAS agent stop the line and pulled out my Tucci Polo, Inc. shoes. He call over the other TSA screeners, and was showing the shoes to them. I asked, "anything wrong with my shoes?" The TSA said, - This are the prettiest shoes we have ever seen. Too bad I could record the experience. It was like a TV comercial.

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