• Absolutely beautiful

    Written By: Shaun Gayle
    07:55:06 10:08:2018

    Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. They fit Perfect. I am thrilled with my purchase And I am a satisfied/ long term customer.

  • I'm very pleased with the style

    Written By: Kevin Brungardt
    07:57:27 10:08:2018

    I recently purchased a pair of TucciPolo dress shoes from Mr. Mbiamnozie's company. I'm very pleased with the style, quality and especially the UNIQUENESS of the shoes. The shopping experience was streamlined via a customer friendly web site. Further, Mr. Mbiamnozie personally checked in with me - which adds authenticity to the customer experience. I intend to keep shopping with his company. 

  • Shoes

    Written By: Dwayne Banks
    13:30:52 05:03:2018

    Very good, quality shoes. I own three pair and I’m very satisfied with Tucci Polo.

  • Absolutely Well-Crafted and Beautiful Shoes

    07:26:57 15:02:2018

    I had a foot a surgery May 2017, which has healed very well. I have bought a number of shoes since, one size up. For the first time in years, I now have a pair of shoes perfectly tailored for my "wonky" feet. The Tucci Polos are the best fitting shoes I have ever owned. No wearing-in required. Straight from the box. Highly recommended. My partner has not stopped admiring the craftmanship.

  • This shoe mostly is the epitome of quality

    Written By: tipsmenang.com
    16:55:51 18:12:2017

    This shoe mostly is the epitome of quality - A perfect fit, it''\'s soo exquisite and for all intents and purposes comfortable . Also you for the most part get a kind of basically few extras which I wasn't expecting like a pretty extra shoe bag and shoe horn in the box, generally pretty contrary to popular belief, generally contrary to popular belief. I highly literally kind of recommend this shoe in a big way. - Tips Menang https://tipsme nang.com

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