Men's Brown Genuine Python & Calfskin Bicycle Toe Oxfords Shoe

  • 20 Oct 2015

Designed with the classy gentleman in mind, the Men\'s Brown Genuine Python & Calfskin Bicycle Toe Oxfords Shoe is a breathtaking blast from the past. Its color testifies to its elegance while the five eyelets and leather wrapped laces add a modern touch that will make fashion lovers of all ages stop you to ask where in the world you managed to get such a bold, sassy and downright classy pair of shoes.

Flaunting the traditional cut of oxford shoes, the 5 Eyelet Lace up Elite Style Men’s Fashion Shoe has been handcrafted from the finest Italian leather by hand. The skilled shoemaking masters whose hands cut, stitched, polished and painted the leather are renowned artisans who have inherited this trade from previous generations.

As each of the shoemakers on our team has been instructed to ensure TucciPolo buyers quality and durability, they use soft, premium quality leather for the lining and double leather sole. These further guarantee a comfortable fit, allowing you to enjoy each step you take for many years to come. However, we welcome any customization requests with your orders as well. Our team will rather welcome your ideas and realize them in the pair delivered to your doorstep after 15 working days, which is the amount of time we need to create the perfect Classic Oxford Lace Up shoe for you.

Get your own Men\'s Brown Genuine Python & Calfskin Bicycle Toe Oxfords Shoe today before someone you know steals your thunder!

Product Description:

Top Features:

  • 5 Eyelet Brown Elite Style Shoe
  • Lace Up Design
  • Top Quality Italian Leather
  • Hand Stitched, Hand Polished and Painted
  • Double Leather Sole

Availability: This is a made to order product, so please allow 15 working days before shipping.