TucciPolo Digno-B Stylish Blue Chequeboard Woven Calfskin Handmade Italian Leather Loafer Shoe

    • $448.00

    • $560.00

TucciPolo Digno-B Stylish Blue Chequeboard Weave Calfskin Loafer Shoe - Stylish tobacco leather loafer featuring the typical chequeboard weave. The shoe is completed by the leather sole.

Leather : Handpolished Calfskin
Color: Blue

This is a made-to-order product. Each pair will be made upon receipt of order and shipped in approximately 15 days. Because our shoes are hand-painted and couture-level creations, each shoe will have a unique hue and polish, and exactly as photo.

Note: For bigger sizes US 13.5 - 18 we charge extra $60 for extra materials and labor

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