• Beautiful Handcrafted High Quality Shoe

    Written By: Richard Crawford
    16:49:58 07:08:2016

    Thank you TucciPolo for creating such a beautiful handcrafted, high quality shoe Putting a shoe on for the first time and feeling like you have worn them for years is my measure of excellence and workmanship in a new pair of shoes. Richard Crawford


    Written By: Cindy Ogden
    03:29:12 03:08:2016

    These shoes are a must have for anyone wanting to make a big and impressive statement the minute you walk into a meeting or an event! All eyes will be on you and those fabulous shoes!! Get as many pairs of the different styles as you can! Cindy Ogden

  • Best Shoes

    Written By: Junior Vieux
    07:28:08 30:05:2016

    Many companies struggle to grab people’s attention using their website. But TUCCI POLO does a great job of catching your eyes as soon as you arrive on the page. The customers service is above and beyond. I recently purchased one of their shoes for my upcoming wedding. This was the greatest choice I ever make, beside marrying my fiancé. Again a special thanks to Tucci. Junior Vieux

  • Crazy Horse Leather Bag

    Written By: Richard Narvaez
    06:11:50 10:05:2016

    I am very happy with the excellent quality of this bag and it looks great! Richard Narvaez

  • Looks

    Written By: Ana King
    17:58:55 24:03:2016

    Beautiful shoes, Look so elegant. Im a shoe fanatic. Ana King

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