• Thank you for the delivery.

    Written By: Felice Zoiti
    20:41:32 10:07:2019

    Thank you for the delivery. I have received them & the belt. Appreciate the personalised effort in regards to shipment and that the shoes and belt were received in perfect shape. The shoes look exquisite. The belt is a great addition as I have now purchased 2 pairs in Burnished Tan from you. I will order my next pair from you. The direct shipping made the second pair I purchased a better overall process. Thanks again.

  • New Shoes

    Written By: Felipe Soto
    13:36:29 20:06:2019

    I just received my two dress shoes that were hand made and the quality is simply amazing!! Thank you!

  • can't wait to order again

    Written By: Ronald Cooper
    10:48:53 17:12:2018

    I received my shoes and they fit fine. I loved them and can't wait to order again. thank you

  • Numerous Compliments

    Written By: Richard Harris
    09:39:00 17:12:2018

    I received the shoes. They were in excellent condition. I have received numerous compliments.

  • I’m delighted with the product

    Written By: Terry Elmsly
    17:03:35 28:09:2018

    Hello Team Just a big Thank you ! . My shoes finally arrived in to the Hawkes Bay on the coast of New Zealand today . Despite the very protracted time it’s taken to get them , I’m delighted with the product and will now be regularly purchasing my shoes from you. I’m also going to purchase a new Brief case from TucciPolo. So once again a big thank you from a happy client. Kind Regards Terry Elmsly Managing Director Euro City New Zealand

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