10 Casual Shoe Trends For Men

10 Casual Shoe Trends For Men

Fashion has always been associated with women. From head to toe, everything must be in in place for the fashion walk among the crowd of people. But this doesn\'t apply to only women nowadays . These days, even men are competing for the fashion spotlight. Since making a good impression on people you meet everyday is important to these conscious days, men are starting to dress up not just for special ocassions but also for everyday purposes. An exquisite yet comfortable and casual look is what men are targeting to flaunt these days. Rugged style is somewhat out of the picture since trendy casuals are in.

One of the ways to show off men’s looks is through footwear! Casual shoes for men are now made more versatile to serve a lot of purposes. The trend is here, out with the old, in with the new. Here are 10 casual shoe trends for fashionable men.

  • Chukkas
  • Featuring a minimalist design and promoting durability, chukkas fit with any casual look.

  • Desert boots
  • A spin-off of chukkas, desert boots provide comfort all day due to its light weight. This versatile footwear also adds a smart casual effect to your everyday look.

  • Derby Boots
  • This pair of shoes is related to the Oxford style but with an open-faced system of lacing. Couple this with a rolled up pants and you can amaze everyone.

  • Chelsea Boots
  • This style is associated with rock stars and adds swag to your outfit.

  • Oxford shoes
  • From walking around the school campus to strolling in the streets- Oxford shoes redefined itself. The British-designed footwear provides a clean and classy style.

  • Penny Loafers
  • Men in polos are not the only ones rightful to wear penny loafers. What seemed to be considered the official footwear of dressed up men now joins street fashion. The word penny of penny loafer came from its style of diamond-shaped slit on the leather strap found across the top which can hold a coin. Its simple style creates its versatility. This can be worn during both church and beach weddings or just a stroll in the mall.

  • Tassel Loafers
  • You may have seen this style worn by an old man attending a formal event. But it was ressurected and is now back in casual look for men. It is basically a loafer but with an additional tassel as an accent.

  • Sandals
  • Time will come when open footwear will be more convenient than wearing shoes. This could be during fishing or a walk in the beach.

  • Slip-on sneakers
  • Comfort and style are mixed with this type of footwear that throws away the laces for easy slipping on and taking off.

  • High top/ High cut sneakers
  • For a combination of swag and street style, high cut sneakers are for you. These are usually a favorite of teenagers.

    Shoes emerged from merely simple footwear for protection to expressions of style and now to accents of looks. For men or women, shoes have served well and are continuing to play their multiple roles in the fashion industry.

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