5 Top Handmade Luxury Italian Leather Shoe Trends For Men

5 Top Handmade Luxury Italian Leather Shoe Trends For Men

Though with every year passing by, trends come and go, there are classic styles that never get worn in time. One good examples of which are handmade luxury Italian Leather shoes; shoes inspired by one of the largest fashion capitals of the world.

This 2016, there are a lot of leather shoe trends for men that you can choose to sport. Here are a few trends for you to feast your eyes on.

Classic Black Leather Shoes

Nothing can beat the classic black leather shoes that are used for parties, corporate occasions, business events, and other formal or semi-formal days. It\'s even better if your leather shoes are handmade and made out of Italian leather because these shoes are sturdier than your regular black leather shoes. Italian leather shoes are also stylish and fashionable. They will definitely make you look like a top-class gentleman.

Leather Loafers

Loafer shoes have been all the rage since the thirties and are still very popular today, especially among young men. There are many different kinds of loafers like tassel loafers, penny loafers and Gucci loafers. Loafers are good for almost all occasions whether formal, semi-formal or just casual. Also, they can be worn without socks, if you\'re wearing shorts.

Leather Dress Boots

Leather boots are back in style, but with a more fashionable twist. There are the boots with zippers and the ones with the laces. Both can actually look good for parties and other events. They can also work for meetings and business events. These boots are typically black or brown in color and would usually go well with light-colored slacks and a light-colored coat. They would also go with long-sleeved Polos with a vest on top.

Colored Leather Shoes

In the past, leather shoes would either be black, beige or brown. Nowadays though, shoemakers have become a little bit more daring and have been experimenting with different colors and gradients. Leather shoes would now come with blue, dark blue, dull red, golden brown, and many more. There are even leather shoes that mix colors to form gradients like blue and black or brown and gold. They go well with other trendy outfits like colored pants and coats.

Grained Leather Style

Grained leather is a style that has become popular quite recently. Grained leather shoes are different because they look rough and not as smooth as normal leather. Grained leather looks a bit more rugged than the normal leather shoes, which makes them good for semi-formal, casual, and smart-casual attire. There are a lot of ways you can mix and style with these shoes.

These are some of the 5 top trends for handmade leather shoes. The next time you are going to a party, a business event, or a date in the mall, it might pay off to follow one of these trends and see whether it suits you. They say that the shoes can make a man; but only when he knows how to wear them well.

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