5 Ways To Rock A Pair Of Italian Men’s Dress Shoes

5 Ways To Rock A Pair Of Italian Men’s Dress Shoes

Men would often opt to buy different pairs of shoes for various occasions. Experimenting can be a bit uncomfortable, but it is actually possible. Dress shoes are usually reserved for formal occasions, but it doesn’t have to be limited to that. Here are five ways to rock a pair of Italian men’s dress shoes.

Wear it as you normally would – for formal occasions. Italian men’s dress shoes are perfect for formal occasions with the usual white dress shirt, suit, tux, or bow ties. You can opt to have them compliment the color of your suit, but you can choose to get a black pair to go with any color. It’s almost like these dress shoes are made for days such as dances, parties, or weddings. Choose Italian dress shoes with shoelaces, as the others can be reserved for more casual days.

Dress up your work clothing. Do you enjoy looking smart at all time? Do you want to look effortlessly classy? Well, add a pair of Wing-Tip Oxford dress shoes to your tweed or flannel jacket and pants. This will ensure that you will look your best at all times, and ensure that you will dazzle your work colleagues and clients. A well-dressed man adds value to the company he works for.

Go half-formal, half-casual. Who ever said dress shoes never go with jeans? A Monk Strap classic dress shoe is an ideal shoe to wear with jeans and khaki pants. Choose jeans with a formal edge. Don’t go for those with rips. Ditch the white-washed jeans. Wear it with dress shoes if it is not baggy, but don’t go for those which are too hugging. When wearing dress shoes with jeans, opt for a dress shirt and ditch the T-shirts. The top part would give your look the formal half. The jeans would balance it out.

Go all-out casual. Italian dress shoes with laces or slip on dress shoes can go with this look. For the top, you may opt to wear a shirt and a buttoned cardigan over it. You may also wear a button-down polo shirt. If you’re wearing a polo shirt, you may tuck it in and pick a leather belt. Choose to wear jeans which are not ripped or white-washed, preferably with a consistent dark color. Depending on your mood, you may fold the jeans or leave them be if the length is adequate.

Be bold with a fun and preppy look. This is the time to experiment, especially if you’re into looks which definitely stand out in a crowd. Since there would be a lot going on, a plain T-shirt would do. Have something over it, like a vest for a preppy look, or a jacket for something more comfortable. If you are really brave, why don’t you consider wearing folded shorts and choose patterned socks to go with your Italian dress shoes.

Italian men’s dress shoes can actually be versatile. Shoes with such a classy look can be paired with a casual ensemble to give it elegance. With dress shoes, creative options are endless.

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