A Style Guide To Wearing Full Leather Shoes

A Style Guide To Wearing Full Leather Shoes

Shoes, unlike other accessories, are some of the things we can’t do without especially for those who are always going to formal events or other places where flip-flops are not an option. However, for fashionable men, the bigger question lies in choosing the right footwear that will best suit to their outfit. In fact, many men invest big amounts of money in buying cutting-edge and fashionable footwear like full leather shoes.

It’s a fact that not all men are mindful of what they are wearing as long as they are wearing something on their feet. However, if you’re one of those men, you might want to abandon that idea when you’re out for an important interview or a big event. The type of shoes that you wear greatly impacts not only your image but also your stature in the society.

How to choose the right leather shoes

In choosing formal shoes, you should ensure that it will match to your trousers’ fit. If you’re wearing slim fitting or skinny trousers, you should avoid broader shoes. On the other hand, sharp, slim shoes are a big no-no if you’re wearing regular fitting trousers.

  • Black is the most preferred color for formal shoes. Nowadays, formal shoes are also available in colors of eye-catching shades, but these are not acceptable for formal events. Black shoes work well with any shade of outfit, while brown can tone down the color of your clothes. You can also use brown formal shoes for casual trousers as well as light grey, brown and navy suits.
  • In choosing formal shoes, you should ensure that it matches your belt. This means that if you’re wearing monk strap brogues or loafers, see to it that the buckles harmonize with them.
  • The color of the sock must be coordinated with the color of your suit and not with your shoes. You can also consider matching your sock with the color of the secondary part of your outfit such as the pocket square or cufflinks.
  • Avoid using extremely pointy or square toe boxes, unless you want to come up with a particular style or look.

Considering the price and maintenance

Aside from knowing the proper way of wearing full leather shoes, it also makes sense to consider other factors, such as the price. Obviously, the cost of men’s formal shoes differs according to its brand and style. Most people think that if the pair of shoes is expensive, it is durable, but it actually depends on the brand itself. Doing background check on the brand you want to buy will not hurt you. Make sure that the brand has good reputation of producing high quality products to get your money’s worth.

Buying formal shoes is an investment and it’s worth purchasing expensive shoes that can last for long time. Likewise, buying formal shoes that you can resole is a plus. Replacing the sole repeatedly can add more years to the lifespan of the shoes.

The proper way of maintaining your shoes is another thing to think about. Keep in mind that you need to rehydrate the leather when it looks dry. If your shoes are expensive, it’s important to follow the necessary routine to make them look good and last for years. After all, you can’t always blame the manufacturer for the deterioration of your shoes.

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