Need To Look Stylish? Find Out What To Wear

Need To Look Stylish? Find Out What To Wear

Shoes play significant role in a person’s wardrobe. There are different types of shoes to choose from and picking the right ones that would make a man stylish is very challenging. However, if you want something that will complement almost any attire and still look stylish, then you should invest in leather shoes.

Leather shoes are pricey, but their quality is something worth putting your money in. The good thing about leather shoes is that they are durable; thus, you can save money by eliminating the need to continuously buy shoe replacement.

In buying leather shoes, pay attention to the type of leather the shoes are made of. Leathers are available in several types such as the following:


Patent Leather Shoes 

If you want a leather shoes that show glossy finish, choose the one that is made of patent leather. Wearing patent leather shoes can be tricky, though. If you want to pull off a stylish style, wear these shoes for a semi-formal or black tie and formal or white tie events. Never try to pair them with casual attire.


Full-grain Leather Shoes 

This type of leather is untreated that’s why it still fully contains the durability of the material. Full-grain leather is used for manufacturing high-end shoes; thus, you should expect to shell out big amount of money when buying full-grain leather shoes. Since these shoes have deeper color and leathery feel, they’re perfect with dark-wash jeans or chinos.


Pebble-grain Leather Shoes 

There are Italian shoes that are made from pebble-grain leather. Pebble-grain leather shoes are mostly known for their versatility as they can be worn and complement multitude of outfits. Their braile-esque pattern can add intrigue to more casual shoes, like Derbies. They are generally perfect with tweed. However, they can also be paired with jeans, chinos, or suits. If you’re feeling a bit traditional, try your Derbies with a sports jacket and trousers.


Suede Leather Shoes 

Unlike conventional leathers, suede is less abrasion resistant. That’s why it is commonly used in loafers and colored brogues. There’s no doubt the suede is bringing bright colors back. While eye-catching colors for shoes are still not fully accepted in formal events, they’re a great break from what’s traditional. If you don’t want to jump in the new trend, you can wear suede leather shoes with your business dress to make you more gentlemanly. However, if you want to be more adventurous with the shoes of color, it’s better if you stick to a more casual look.

To ensure that your leather shoes will last longer and remain in style, you should know the right way of taking care of your shoes. Leather shoes most likely attract dust and dirt that can easily wear them out. If you have leather shoes, make sure to use leather cleaner. This way, you can expect that the original appearance of the shoes is maintained.

Indeed, if you want to be in style, then there are perfect Italian leather shoes for men that will suit you in any occasion and whatever mood you’re in.

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