Top 5 Reasons why handmade shoes have better durability than machine made shoes

Top 5 Reasons why handmade shoes have better durability than machine made shoes

When it comes to shoes, nothing beats the comfort, quality and durability of handmade shoes. In terms, of pricing they are on the higher side compared to machine made shoes but in the end it’s all worth it. Handmade shoes sets one part due to the craftsmanship, dedication and time put into producing a product of high quality aesthetic and anatomical, as well as long-lasting. Tuccipolo is among retailers that avail leather shoes that have been noted to be of high quality. The following are reasons why handmade shoes are more durable:

·        Quality of the leather used

Handmade shoes are known to be made using leather of one’s choosing. When commissioning a shoemaker to make one’s shoes, the customer is shown a variety of available material to be used for their work. In most cases if not all, the material presented is leather in different stages of refinement. The overall cost of the shoe is dependent on factors such as the quality of leather used which in known to be expensive but usable in good condition for an extended period. When seeking to get a pair of handmade shoes, it is prudent for one to research on the various types of leather available and which kind would be a perfect fit for them.

·        Workmanship

Handmade shoes are tailor made to fit within the specifications of an individual and also their fit. With handmade shoes, attention to detail is among the factors that make them stand out. Finding the best shoemaker to make one a pair of handmade shoes is paramount. Using referrals may be the best way to land the best there is in the shoemaking business. For custom made shoes, one should look for an individual who understand their craft well and is able to make the shoes needed with utmost care and workmanship. Handmade shoes are more durable than the machine made ones because the degree of skill put in to come up with the final product is more precise and the time spent on a given pair make them strong and durable.

·        Process

The process involved in producing handmade shoes is detailed and must be followed to the letter unlike machine made ones that may. For most craftsmen involved in this trade, the process justifies the means and this in turn has an impact on the durability of the shoes created. The leather is left to rest in intervals leading to production of shoes that are better in quality which by extension affects the durability of the shoes.

·        Sole type

For handmade shoes, the soles are carefully chosen, in some cases by the shoe owner. The type of soles used in this type of shoes is in most cases handmade increasing the quality of the shoes and the amount of time that they will be used. Soles are among parts of a shoe that are important and are exposed t conditions that enhance tear. Getting the best soles for ones shoes therefore increases durability.

·        Better fit

Handmade shoes fit into ones feet seamlessly ensuring the comfort of the wearer and durability of the shoe since no strain will be experienced by the shoe in certain areas as is the case with machine made shoes.

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